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With the 2009 SGA (Student Governement Association) elections just around the corner at Oklahoma State University, I’ve observed the candidates’ use of social media ‘buzz words’ to enhance their individual campaigns.
While listening to the opponents’ campaign speeches, I picked up on the use of the words Facebook, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts, etc. Not only are the Journalism/Broadcasting students at OSU aware of the social media networks available today but even SGA candidates, members, and students are becoming aware of the reach that social media networks can bring to our campus.
It’s crazy to think that I learned about Twitter six months ago and now more than just Public Relations students are talking about it.
I agree with the campaign strategies Tyler Powell & Erica Tyler and the Merritt twins are using to incorporate social media as a means to target the needs, wants and concerns of the students. Opening an SGA Twitter account and posting blogs and videos can only enhance the involvement of the OSU student body.
With this in the minds of the candidates, I hope to see social media techniques utilized at OKstate in the near future.
(OKstate students, don’t forget to vote March 3 & 4 @ elections.okstate.edu)


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