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What an exciting finish to the preseason Budweiser Shootout.
Take a look
Congrats to Kevin Harvick for a fantastic comeback.
Sadly I had to miss the preseason excitement due to a wedding I attended Saturday evening, so I had to gather information about the race secondhand.
Thanks to this blog I was able to get a rundown about the Dodge drivers and how they felt after qualifying. Kasey Kahne sounds ready for Sunday. He finished sixth in the shootout. I’m praying he has a better season than last year, but seeing the qualifying results…I’m worried for the Dodge team.
Daytona International Speedway is an exciting track because drivers are able to drive 3- to even 4-wide. This makes for an entertaining race and a lot of drafting. Because the shootout ended the way it did, I can only imagine how Sunday’s race will finish. Expect wrecks. It’s 500 grueling laps so let’s hope most of the field can make it to the end.
A lot has changed for the 2009 season: New and/or less sponsors, new drivers, new numbers, etc. It may take me awhile to get everyone straight/re-branded in my mind.
I think it goes without saying that I am psyched for next week’s race! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my schedule will allow me to watch the exciting race.


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