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Some of my friends still don’t understand the perks and uses of Twitter. The best way for me to make Twitter sound more appealing is to continue to reinforce the fact that it can bring you laughter and joy throughout the day. Twitter users are FUNNY! I can’t tell you how many times I have looked through my followers’ latest Tweets and laughed out loud. People can be very witty in 140 characters.


I notice the use of wit most often when following hashtags(#) such as:

#dwts -Dancing with the Stars viewers

#idol -American Idol viewers

#NASCAR (usually during a race)

Celebrities on Twitter are of course great at providing Twitter humor such as:



@aplusk – Ashton Kutcher

Personal shout out to my some of my LOL favorites:



In closing, Twitter users bring me joy. It allows everyone to show their quick wit and is a fun outlet for me to provide some humor as I feed off others.

Find a popular Twitter user here.

Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion of your favorite funny Twitter users!


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