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Anita Bruzzese, current syndicated columnist for Gannett News Service and USAToday.com, covering workplace and career issues, and an Oklahoma State University Journalism alumn, spoke at the twenty-second annual Paul Miller Lecture Series today in the Student Union Little Theater.

Bruzzese provided her knowledge on workplace issues and personal branding. She reinforced my determination to establish a positive personal brand through social media and beyond. Something everyone must ponder is “what are you going to do to stand out?” Don’t be a job title, actively foster connections, and always be ready for the next opportunity. If you have a mess-up from the past, work on producing positive messages to overshadow the bad.

Author of 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy… and How to Avoid Them, Bruzzese gave listeners an overview of what is expected on the job and how to avoid getting on your boss’s nerves.

Here are some examples of what to avoid:

  • Wearing the wrong thing to work (know the company policy on dress code)
  • Talking on personal cell phone while on the job
  • Not knowing how boss wants you to communicate with them
  • Failing to be engaged or contribute (keep networking)
  • Refusing to step outside your job description (your skills add value to employer so use all of them)
  • Dating on the job (if you do, know the policy and keep professional and personal life separate)
  • Not showing personal responsibility such as getting enough sleep
  • Asking for something you don’t deserve (if you want a raise, put together concrete ways you have contributed and deserve the raise, also consider timing)
  • Using e-mail improperly (never write an e-mail about something that you wouldn’t want your boss to see or have to talk about in front of a court of law)

Overall, do your job when you’re on the job.

Bruzzese is an inspiration to those looking for a job or to improve upon their experience. For more information about Anita Bruzzese you can find her on her blog or twitter site.


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