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JB Communications Networking Expo

I was thoroughly impressed with the turnout for the first time a student-orchestrated communications networking expo has taken place. Personally, I believed it to be better than a “Career Fair”. Journalism/Broadcasting students know how to interact; just invite the companies that appeal to us and we will gather to network.

Saxum and Schnake Turnbo Frank were two PR firms I was interested in gathering more information about. I’ve held internships with non-profit organizations the past two summers and upon graduating would like to spread my horizons and work with a PR agency, gaining real world experience with every aspect of public relations in a fast paced environment.

Both firms impressed me with the interns chosen to represent the company. I learned a lot about what to expect in an internship with either company and got a taste of the up-beat, fun atmosphere they exhibit.

Not only did I enjoy speaking with potential employers and fellow interns, but spending some time talking with colleagues about their struggles and tips in finding an internship/job was incredibly beneficial. JB students get to know each other through classes and clubs but it isn’t every day that we have the time to really catch up. I suggest more networking expos for communications majors simply because it brings like-minded students together who are interested in gaining incite about internships, jobs, and other possibilities that fellow classmates have experienced.

I feel more confident about my own experience and what I have to offer a company after listening to those around me during the event. Thank you AWC for putting the expo together. I’m positive the companies will be willing to attend another networking event after meeting the quality students the OKstate JB school educates.


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