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Kasey Kahne finished seventh in last week’s Atlanta race, placing him ninth in Cup point standings. A caution, thrown because Marcos Ambrose’s crew member ran into the field to chase a runaway tire, caused Kahne and many others to be a lap behind. Kahne recieved the lucky dog pass later, but Ambrose’s crew member has been suspended by NASCAR for the next four races. Maybe the upcoming week off will be beneficial to Kahne’s team in checking what might be causing his inability to obtain the first place position. Kahne says he feels comfortable in his car but when reaching top speeds can’t pinpoint the problem that keeps him from holding the top spot.  Hopefully, he can maintain his lead this season.

Despite a disappointing turnout from the fans, it was a great day for Kurt Busch who pulled off the win Sunday. NASCAR Atlanta Auto Racing Jeff Gordan, who is having a fantastic start to the ’09 season, finished second and Carl Edwards third.

Due to college demands, I have yet to be available on a Sunday afternoon to watch a race. Gathering second-hand research has been upsetting but NASCAR.com videos, articles, and race results has helped me stay on top of what I’ve been missing.


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