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What an honor it would have been to be one of the fans injured by flying debris from Carl Edwards’ car in the final lap at Talladega Superspeedway. If you missed the wreck that led to Brad Keselowski’s first Sprint Cup win, here is your chance to catch up.

Reaching the finish line on foot, Edwards’ displayed a heroic ending to an exciting race. Yes, there is controversy about the block and bump drafting, whether more penalties should be issued to prevent similar accidents, but as a fan I enjoy watching drivers fight to the finish. In this case, Edwards made the mistake, and I’m thankful it wasn’t fatal.

Unfortunately, the opportunity for a top finish was taken away from Kasey Kahne and 12 others in a wreck that occurred seven laps into the race. Take a look at the footage below:

And finally one more reason why the Aaron’s 499 was a thrilling race:

I don’t know about you, but I’m marking my calendar Nov. 1, when NASCAR will rally for the second time in Talladega in the Amp Energy 500.


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For the Samsung 500 two weekends ago at Texas Motor Speedway, my dad, who had to attend the race without me, decided to caravan with other Oklahomans through a packaged deal put together by wimgo.comwimgo_logo_beta

After seeing an advertisement in the Daily Oklahoman, my dad visited wimgo.com where they had a great deal for those looking for a way to get to the race. The package was $159 and included a bus ride to the speedway and back, a ticket to the race, pit pass and a boxed lunch. According to him, “it worked like clockwork”. There were six buses with approximately 50 passengers each, mainly couples ranging in age from 30 to 70 years old, and as the event timeline said, they were on the road at 7:00 a.m. Going along with the NASCAR theme the film Days of Thunder, featuring Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall and Nicole Kidman, was shown on the bus ride.days-of-thunder847front

The seats in the grand stand were in turn one, section 147, which made sense because it was close to the bus parking lot and allowed for a quick return after the checkered flag fell.  He couldn’t see pit road but still good seats.

Overall, I’m glad that wimgo offered this deal because my dad does not need to be driving 3 hours down and back by himself after an early morning and long day. He got home around 9:00 p.m., making great time being in race traffic. He praised the organization of the trip and how everyone was timely in getting back to the buses after the race.

If you’re looking for events in your area or want to add an event, visit wimgo.com

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Kasey Kahne finished seventh in last week’s Atlanta race, placing him ninth in Cup point standings. A caution, thrown because Marcos Ambrose’s crew member ran into the field to chase a runaway tire, caused Kahne and many others to be a lap behind. Kahne recieved the lucky dog pass later, but Ambrose’s crew member has been suspended by NASCAR for the next four races. Maybe the upcoming week off will be beneficial to Kahne’s team in checking what might be causing his inability to obtain the first place position. Kahne says he feels comfortable in his car but when reaching top speeds can’t pinpoint the problem that keeps him from holding the top spot.  Hopefully, he can maintain his lead this season.

Despite a disappointing turnout from the fans, it was a great day for Kurt Busch who pulled off the win Sunday. NASCAR Atlanta Auto Racing Jeff Gordan, who is having a fantastic start to the ’09 season, finished second and Carl Edwards third.

Due to college demands, I have yet to be available on a Sunday afternoon to watch a race. Gathering second-hand research has been upsetting but NASCAR.com videos, articles, and race results has helped me stay on top of what I’ve been missing.

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Kenseth: Back-to-Back Victories

Matt Kenseth is leading in the points after last Sunday’s race in Fontana, California.

Kenseth was winless in 2008, but now joins four others in the record of back-to-back wins after the first two races of the season.

Some say rain could be good luck for Kenseth considering that four of the five cautions NASCAR called was due to light rain.


  • Harvick into the wall due to a blown right-front tire and engine.
  • Earnhardt Jr. and Martin suffer rare engine failures. They finished 39th & 40th.
  • Kahne finished 12th.

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Interact at NASCAR.com

NASCAR.com logo

NASCAR.com logo

Most NASCAR fans should be familiar with NASCAR.com but for those race fans who aren’t let me give you a rundown of why you should look into navigating through this Web site.
Not only can you obtain the news you need about the sport; tracks and drivers, but you can be a part of the community.

Within the community one can create a themed profile with a forum for personal blogs, photos and videos as well as a tab for crews and buddies to follow. NASCAR is proving they are all about the fans and allowing us to have a voice on their Web site.

I’m impressed that fans can find everything they need on one site.



Sponsor, Ask.com, has grabbed hold of the opportunity to become the official search engine of NASCAR this season. Formally askjeeves.com, ask.com has been reinvented. Fans are encouraged to use ask.com to find answers to NASCAR questions during races and while on the NASCAR.com Web site. I could write a whole blog just about Ask.com and the extent they are going to compete with Google…. but for now I’ll have you check it out for yourself.

FANS- take the time to join the community at NASCAR.com.
Visit the site to obtain your NASCAR news. You’ll be glad you did!

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It was a long week leading up to today’s season opener, Daytona 500. Nothing short of exciting. Check out the play-by-play
The cause of controversy today was the wreck involving contact between Dale Jr. and Brian Vickers. I’m not 100 percent convinced that Jr. is the one to blame, but I’m taking Vickers’ side on this one. Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, among others were knocked out of the race after Jr. took a stab at trying to pass Vickers in the front of the pack. Vickers maneuvered a competitive block and Jr. over compensated after being cut-off. I’ve heard numerous opinions about who is to blame for the wreck. To me Jr. is favored in the NASCAR world and can get away with pretty much anything. I think he means well, but he shouldn’t walk around like he owns the place.
What are your thoughts?
At the start of the race I was enjoying my amp energy drink, which always keeps me awake on Sunday afternoons for four plus hours in front of the TV, but thanks to Jr. on lap 124 I was regretting my decision to support his sponsor.
With eight cautions, newbie Logano’s hard hitting end to his first Daytona500, Kahne’s unfortunate bump caused by Almirola and 48 laps to go, the race was called due to rain and Matt Kenseth is declared the winner. Having not won a race last season, this is an emotional start for Kenseth’s 2009 season.

Kahne finished 29th and only because he wasn’t given a chance to race back into a decent position due to the caution after getting bumped and an immediate red flag because of rain.
From one coast to the other, I’m ready to watch next week’s race in California. And this time I want to see it last till the end!

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What an exciting finish to the preseason Budweiser Shootout.
Take a look
Congrats to Kevin Harvick for a fantastic comeback.
Sadly I had to miss the preseason excitement due to a wedding I attended Saturday evening, so I had to gather information about the race secondhand.
Thanks to this blog I was able to get a rundown about the Dodge drivers and how they felt after qualifying. Kasey Kahne sounds ready for Sunday. He finished sixth in the shootout. I’m praying he has a better season than last year, but seeing the qualifying results…I’m worried for the Dodge team.
Daytona International Speedway is an exciting track because drivers are able to drive 3- to even 4-wide. This makes for an entertaining race and a lot of drafting. Because the shootout ended the way it did, I can only imagine how Sunday’s race will finish. Expect wrecks. It’s 500 grueling laps so let’s hope most of the field can make it to the end.
A lot has changed for the 2009 season: New and/or less sponsors, new drivers, new numbers, etc. It may take me awhile to get everyone straight/re-branded in my mind.
I think it goes without saying that I am psyched for next week’s race! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my schedule will allow me to watch the exciting race.

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