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Some of my friends still don’t understand the perks and uses of Twitter. The best way for me to make Twitter sound more appealing is to continue to reinforce the fact that it can bring you laughter and joy throughout the day. Twitter users are FUNNY! I can’t tell you how many times I have looked through my followers’ latest Tweets and laughed out loud. People can be very witty in 140 characters.


I notice the use of wit most often when following hashtags(#) such as:

#dwts -Dancing with the Stars viewers

#idol -American Idol viewers

#NASCAR (usually during a race)

Celebrities on Twitter are of course great at providing Twitter humor such as:



@aplusk – Ashton Kutcher

Personal shout out to my some of my LOL favorites:



In closing, Twitter users bring me joy. It allows everyone to show their quick wit and is a fun outlet for me to provide some humor as I feed off others.

Find a popular Twitter user here.

Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion of your favorite funny Twitter users!


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After learning how to embed videos to my blog in my social media class today, I decided to upload videos to my YouTube account and post them.

This first one is of my wonderful brother singing karaoke.

The second video is from the Fourth of July 2008. My view of the fireworks on the National Mall in Washington DC. Yes, that is the Washington Monument.

I have more videos to post to YouTube so be on the lookout, in other words,  subscribe to me.

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Streaming things live via the Internet

Engaging others through visuals and chat capabilities 24/7

USTREAM.TV does this and so much more.

Doors can be opened for organizations if they take advatage of sites like this. I can’t help but think that the OKC Zoo should use it to stream live videos of different animals, possibly highlighting a species each week and send a link to ZooFriends members. Having it available on the Internet would probably encourage visitors from other states to come visit the OKC Zoo if they had a glimpse of the great exhibits it has to offer.

I found USTREAM.TV helpful when I wanted to watch the NASCAR pre-season  Gatorade Duels and didn’t have access to the Speed Channel. They offered it on USTREAM so I was able to watch a portion of it while on-campus at OSU.

Positive ways I’ve seen USTREAM.TV used:

  • To advertise puppies and kittens for sale. You can choose your next pet by watching it interact on the Internet.
  • To show up-close visuals of animals that would normally be hard to view unless you were a part of the Discovery Channel crew.
  • To promote a band or artist that needs extra publicity.
  • To broadcast a radio station so listeners can view the DJs they normally only hear.
  • To stream a Social Media class’s guest speaker so those who aren’t in the class or couldn’t attend could still watch and ask questions. @billhandy used this feature in my OKstate Social Media class when guest speaker, @mkokc, joined us in a discussion about the possibilities of using social media.

My suggestion: Visit USTREAM.TV and find a way that you can utualize the features and capabilities it has to offer.

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After watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s winelibrarytv.com episode #620 I’m happy to see that his advice on the importance of finding your niche is rubbing off on people and it’s working!
Featured on episode #620 is up-in-coming frozen food enthusiast, Gregory Ng, who followed Gary’s advise to find a niche and is “eating [his] way through the freezer aisle, one box at a time”.
Frozen food is such a specific niche and IT WORKS!!!
Ng is proving that anyone can do it. Who knew frozen food blogs could be so interesting, but he is passionate about it and therefore it’s entertaining.
After watching these videos, hopefully you can all be inspired to find your niche in the world of social media. If you’re passionate about it then people will find it compelling.

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Now I may not be the most politically savvy citizen, but I do my best to keep up with political news that directly affects and interests me. Thanks to the new White House Web site, keeping up has become more entertaining. Not only is it visually appealing but it’s easy to navigate.

If you’re interested in a government that is trying to be more transparent check out the various social media features that are included in this up-to-date Web site. Includes  blogs, weekly address videos,  and current and historical information from what I hope to be the most reliable source out there.

As a PR student this blog stuck out to me:
Change has come to the White House blog

Who doesn’t want an honest and open government?

Bookmark this site and check it frequently. We the People can make a difference if we utilize the tools available!


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