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It was a long week leading up to today’s season opener, Daytona 500. Nothing short of exciting. Check out the play-by-play
The cause of controversy today was the wreck involving contact between Dale Jr. and Brian Vickers. I’m not 100 percent convinced that Jr. is the one to blame, but I’m taking Vickers’ side on this one. Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, among others were knocked out of the race after Jr. took a stab at trying to pass Vickers in the front of the pack. Vickers maneuvered a competitive block and Jr. over compensated after being cut-off. I’ve heard numerous opinions about who is to blame for the wreck. To me Jr. is favored in the NASCAR world and can get away with pretty much anything. I think he means well, but he shouldn’t walk around like he owns the place.
What are your thoughts?
At the start of the race I was enjoying my amp energy drink, which always keeps me awake on Sunday afternoons for four plus hours in front of the TV, but thanks to Jr. on lap 124 I was regretting my decision to support his sponsor.
With eight cautions, newbie Logano’s hard hitting end to his first Daytona500, Kahne’s unfortunate bump caused by Almirola and 48 laps to go, the race was called due to rain and Matt Kenseth is declared the winner. Having not won a race last season, this is an emotional start for Kenseth’s 2009 season.

Kahne finished 29th and only because he wasn’t given a chance to race back into a decent position due to the caution after getting bumped and an immediate red flag because of rain.
From one coast to the other, I’m ready to watch next week’s race in California. And this time I want to see it last till the end!


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