I was drafting work similar to this.

I began my college career as an Interior Design major mainly because I had no clue what else to do and I enjoyed watching HGTV.

After a semester of all-nighters and the realization that I needed to love interior design because the job market is limited, I decided to get out and try a major that would provide me with broader career opportunities.

Not only had I met numerous friendly, involved, hardworking students my first semester of college who were PR majors, but I just knew that being a person who loves interaction, communication, and anything but science, PR was the major for me.

public relationsSince my second semester freshman year, I have never looked back on my decision to pursue public releations. It’s interesting how expansive a PR professional’s knowledge can be. I actually used my drafting/interior design skills in a PR internship one summer when I was planning an event and needed a sketch of a building layout to plan where booths and games would be located within. Sometimes I complain about the random electives and gen. eds that are required of a PR student, but it makes perfect sense to have a well-rounded knowledge. Because with PR, you never know what company you might end up working for or with.

I’ve never been one to have one interest. My interests are always changing and expanding so I’m thankful that upon graduation I will have the freedom to find a job with a company that fits my personality.

If you love people, writing and communication and you’re a potential OKstate student or aren’t satisfied with your major, consider majoring in public relations. I’m so glad I did!


School of Journalism and Broadcasting

I am currently enrolled in PR Research and Campaigns with Gina Noble. Seeing that it’s a capstone course, which involves using everything learned in previous required JB courses, it’s only fitting that this class requires students to put what we know into practice.

The most exciting part of this course, for me, is the group work. It is the first time that I really feel the benefits of teamwork and what can be accomplished when working with others toward a common goal. Despite the fact that I was incredibly lucky to have been paired up with three talented group members, I am truly seeing the advantages of working as a team. Through brainstorming, researching, and developing goals and objectives, I’ve discovered how exciting putting together a campaign for an organization, such as Mission of Hope, can be.

There should be more details to come about the project itself, but I want to let OKstate PR students know that JB4843 is a course to look forward to. When you are in your senior year as a JB student I hope that you are lucky enough to be partnered with a great group to work on this semester-long campaign.

Although I can work independently, I’ve discovered that working in a team environment is extremely beneficial in advising a strategic plan, and I look forward to working on campaigns with others in the future.

Witty Twitter Users

Some of my friends still don’t understand the perks and uses of Twitter. The best way for me to make Twitter sound more appealing is to continue to reinforce the fact that it can bring you laughter and joy throughout the day. Twitter users are FUNNY! I can’t tell you how many times I have looked through my followers’ latest Tweets and laughed out loud. People can be very witty in 140 characters.


I notice the use of wit most often when following hashtags(#) such as:

#dwts -Dancing with the Stars viewers

#idol -American Idol viewers

#NASCAR (usually during a race)

Celebrities on Twitter are of course great at providing Twitter humor such as:



@aplusk – Ashton Kutcher

Personal shout out to my some of my LOL favorites:



In closing, Twitter users bring me joy. It allows everyone to show their quick wit and is a fun outlet for me to provide some humor as I feed off others.

Find a popular Twitter user here.

Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion of your favorite funny Twitter users!

After learning how to embed videos to my blog in my social media class today, I decided to upload videos to my YouTube account and post them.

This first one is of my wonderful brother singing karaoke.

The second video is from the Fourth of July 2008. My view of the fireworks on the National Mall in Washington DC. Yes, that is the Washington Monument.

I have more videos to post to YouTube so be on the lookout, in other words,  subscribe to me.

Kasey Kahne finished seventh in last week’s Atlanta race, placing him ninth in Cup point standings. A caution, thrown because Marcos Ambrose’s crew member ran into the field to chase a runaway tire, caused Kahne and many others to be a lap behind. Kahne recieved the lucky dog pass later, but Ambrose’s crew member has been suspended by NASCAR for the next four races. Maybe the upcoming week off will be beneficial to Kahne’s team in checking what might be causing his inability to obtain the first place position. Kahne says he feels comfortable in his car but when reaching top speeds can’t pinpoint the problem that keeps him from holding the top spot.  Hopefully, he can maintain his lead this season.

Despite a disappointing turnout from the fans, it was a great day for Kurt Busch who pulled off the win Sunday. NASCAR Atlanta Auto Racing Jeff Gordan, who is having a fantastic start to the ’09 season, finished second and Carl Edwards third.

Due to college demands, I have yet to be available on a Sunday afternoon to watch a race. Gathering second-hand research has been upsetting but NASCAR.com videos, articles, and race results has helped me stay on top of what I’ve been missing.

Get to know USTREAM.TV


Streaming things live via the Internet

Engaging others through visuals and chat capabilities 24/7

USTREAM.TV does this and so much more.

Doors can be opened for organizations if they take advatage of sites like this. I can’t help but think that the OKC Zoo should use it to stream live videos of different animals, possibly highlighting a species each week and send a link to ZooFriends members. Having it available on the Internet would probably encourage visitors from other states to come visit the OKC Zoo if they had a glimpse of the great exhibits it has to offer.

I found USTREAM.TV helpful when I wanted to watch the NASCAR pre-season  Gatorade Duels and didn’t have access to the Speed Channel. They offered it on USTREAM so I was able to watch a portion of it while on-campus at OSU.

Positive ways I’ve seen USTREAM.TV used:

  • To advertise puppies and kittens for sale. You can choose your next pet by watching it interact on the Internet.
  • To show up-close visuals of animals that would normally be hard to view unless you were a part of the Discovery Channel crew.
  • To promote a band or artist that needs extra publicity.
  • To broadcast a radio station so listeners can view the DJs they normally only hear.
  • To stream a Social Media class’s guest speaker so those who aren’t in the class or couldn’t attend could still watch and ask questions. @billhandy used this feature in my OKstate Social Media class when guest speaker, @mkokc, joined us in a discussion about the possibilities of using social media.

My suggestion: Visit USTREAM.TV and find a way that you can utualize the features and capabilities it has to offer.

JB Communications Networking Expo

I was thoroughly impressed with the turnout for the first time a student-orchestrated communications networking expo has taken place. Personally, I believed it to be better than a “Career Fair”. Journalism/Broadcasting students know how to interact; just invite the companies that appeal to us and we will gather to network.

Saxum and Schnake Turnbo Frank were two PR firms I was interested in gathering more information about. I’ve held internships with non-profit organizations the past two summers and upon graduating would like to spread my horizons and work with a PR agency, gaining real world experience with every aspect of public relations in a fast paced environment.

Both firms impressed me with the interns chosen to represent the company. I learned a lot about what to expect in an internship with either company and got a taste of the up-beat, fun atmosphere they exhibit.

Not only did I enjoy speaking with potential employers and fellow interns, but spending some time talking with colleagues about their struggles and tips in finding an internship/job was incredibly beneficial. JB students get to know each other through classes and clubs but it isn’t every day that we have the time to really catch up. I suggest more networking expos for communications majors simply because it brings like-minded students together who are interested in gaining incite about internships, jobs, and other possibilities that fellow classmates have experienced.

I feel more confident about my own experience and what I have to offer a company after listening to those around me during the event. Thank you AWC for putting the expo together. I’m positive the companies will be willing to attend another networking event after meeting the quality students the OKstate JB school educates.